Requirements Of A Great Manager

teamupHiring the right manager is essential to ensuring your team works as efficiently as possible. Being a great people manager is more than just a job title, it’s filling a human role in the office that drastically effects how employees work and feel. Therefore finding the ideal manager can be difficult, as there’s no one-size-fits-all rule that will work for every office. However the following qualities have been proven time and time again by multiple companies to be a contributing factor to the success of a manager.

  1. Able to indentify people’s good qualities. For a manager, being able to realise and encourage employee’s good qualities is one of the most important skills. Everyone has something they can do well, and feel necessary and important when they feel that’s recognised. Managers who can identify people’s strengths will build a stronger work environment.
  2. Be a people person. Business runners often make the mistake of thinking that managers are in charge of tasks – they’re not, they’re in charge of people. A manager needs to be able to provide feedback and criticism in a way that makes people feel secure and needed. They need to resolve conflict fairly and easily, and be liked by the rest of the team.
  3. Be a good goal-setter. A manager needs to have focus and an enthusiasm that affects the rest of the team, and setting challenging, but achievable goals is an essential part of that. A team needs to be pushed, and strive together to reach new heights. But if they feel like too much is being demanded of them, it’s easy to lose morale. Striking the balance to achieve the best result possible is an essential part of being an effective manager.
  4. Lead by example. For an employee, the most frustrating message from a manager is, “do what I say, not what I do.” A truly good manager is willing to roll up their sleeves and really be part of the team. This include working late when necessary, participating in the same rewards and taking equal responsibility for things that don’t go right.
  5. Be able to communicate. Managers need to be able to communicate via a range of mediums, including email, presentations, over the phone or Skype, and of course face-to-face. An interview is a good chance to test their skills, but you may also wish to have them pretend to pitch you an idea, to see how they would perform in this situation.

Choosing a great manager is essential for building a team that runs smoothly – and pleasantly.