The Importance Of Different Opinions

From school, to sport, to business, the importance of having a good team cannot be underestimated. Teamwork has been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective ways to enhance the performance of any organisation. Part of the reason for this is that a team brings a range of different opinions and outlooks to the table.

In this article you’re going to learn why the different opinions, voices, and attitudes that team members bring to the table are so important to developing a successful organisation. You’ll also hear from a business owner who knows a thing or two about the value of having a good team.

Diversity Of Opinions And Attitudes

iStock_000039306500XXLarge-300x185We’ve all heard people say that diversity is good for organisations and businesses – but why? One of the primary reasons is that having a diverse team (and by diverse we simply mean that each person brings their own background and values) is so great for any organisation is that new opinions and attitudes are brought to the table. It’s all too easy to get stuck in our own ways of doing things; new team members can bring a fresh and exciting perspective to any challenge or task.

Different Opinions Also Mean New Skills

Every person on your team will bring their own talents and skills to the fore. These new additions to your organisation’s “skill pool” have the potential to deliver better results for your clients and customers, as well as increase efficiency and productivity. For example, you might bring in a staff member who is a total whizz with web design, resulting in faster turnaround times for clients. The new skills and abilities that each fresh face in your team brings will have tangible benefits.

Networking Opportunities

One of the “unsung” benefits of developing your organisation’s team is the networking opportunities that it brings. Not only will you be getting a range of different opinions – every person brings their own circle of connections, which might just land you your next big client or sale. We all know that a lot of success in business comes down to who you know, rather than who you are. By building a strong team you can effectively import the groundwork they have laid with their own networking, and use their connections as your own. This will be a massive boon to your organisation, in an age where networking is more important than ever.

Having a team – as opposed to going solo – brings the benefits of networking to your business, startup, or organisation the easy way. Rather than having to do the hard yards yourself, you can immediately benefit. Furthermore, your new team members will have different opinions about how to make the most of these networking opportunities.

Accomplish Things An Individual Cannot

Not only does a solid team bring you the benefits of different opinions – you are also able to attempt (and accomplish) things a lone individual cannot. We all know the idiom that ‘many hands make light work’ – and there are obvious reasons why people say that. A group can use its diverse skills and talents to be more productive and take on bigger challenges.

What Does A Team Leader Have To Say?

One person who really understands teamwork is Chris Rankin, the owner of Cylinder Guy – a hot water cylinder replacement company based in New Zealand. Business is a cut and thrust world at the best of times, and his industry is a particularly competitive one. By recruiting a skilled, talented team he has managed to make his business more sustainable in the long run. Without having a team on board, Chris knows that the ability of his business to develop and evolve would have stumbled very early.

Here’s what Chris has to say about the value of having a team with a diverse range of opinions, skills, and talents:

“We don’t want YES people, it’s important that a wide range of attitudes and opinions are reflected in our business. It makes us stronger. We’re always looking for better ways to raise the bar.”

Others also agree about the value of the diverse opinions that come with having a strong team. For example, the Wikipedia article on teamwork specifically highlights the benefits of having a range of abilities and opinions on offer. This Forbes article on the benefits that diversity (i.e. different opinions) has for business also makes great reading.


The importance of having a strong team cannot be underestimated for your organisation. From bringing new ideas and fresh talent, to improving networking potential, an effective and diverse team holds the key to your success.